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Jasiri Coder

Bold . Courageous . Determined

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Who Are We?

Jasiri Coder started when two college friends met, connected and instantly clicked.

These young women worked together tutoring college level math and computer science courses. On weekends, they also worked with younger students outside of Cal State East Bay´s walls. Who would have known that ¨The Coolest Tutors¨ group chat would have flourished into something so extraordinary.

We give you,

Jasiri Coder. 

What Do We Do?

Virtual classes held 6 days a week (Monday - Saturday) by a small but mighty team who are passionate about STEM through educating our future, one code at a time.

Jasiri - Juh-see-ree

Origin - Swahili

Translation -

Bold, Courageous, Determined

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Online Coding classes in Minecraft, Python, Roblox, and Website Development for ages 6-17!

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Email us about scheduling one on one Spanish Support.

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Jasiri Coder offers tutoring for various math courses and grades. 

Jasiri Coder is an authroized vendor with Visions in Education home school!

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Jasiri Coder is an authroized vendor with Connecting Waters Charter school!

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“I signed my daughter up for this coding class for Minecraft. She loved it! She liked that she could make anything with it. Ms. Ivy, her teacher, made the class challenging and super fun! Can't wait to do it again!”

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